Rob Hester







Kelly Trezise





Antoinette Poulton

Leonie Dühlmeyer

Leonie Dühlmeyer


Daniel Upton

Daniel Upton

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Evelyn Chen
Bianca Levis
Leonie Dühlmeyer
Christina Van Heer
Alice Maier


Lab Alumni


Lisa Grech – Lisa is a Teaching Fellow at The University of Melbourne and a registered Neuropsychologist

David Munro


Post Doctoral Fellows


Rachel Buckley – Rachel is currently on a NHMRC funded Post-doctoral Dementia Fellowship at Harvard Medical School

Catherine Orr – Catherine is  a Post Doctoral Fellow at The University of Vermont – Burlington



Peter Evans

Evelyn Chen

Kathleen-Charles Walsh

Megan Lew

Susan Carey


Research Assistants

Dr. Jennifer Moore – Jennifer now works as a practicing Neuropsychologist 

Kathleen Charles-Walsh – Kathleen now works as a practicing Neuropsychologist


Malika Abbott

Mary Gilbert

Franco Scalzo

Kathleen Charles-Walsh

Kaitlyn Harrington

Caitlyn Mackenzie

Doron Iavan (co-supervised with Professor Andy Lawrence and Dr Jee Kim – Florey Neurosciences Institute)

David Munro

Liam Furlong

Sarah Borg

Julian Thompson

Maria Di Biase

Sarah Rossiter

Sarah Taylor

Harriet Dempsey-Jones

Elizabeth Beadle

Janelle Madeley

Natalie Barre